The Wizard Of Oz
2019/2020 Season

Get swept up in the magic of Oz as you follow Dorothy and three unlikely friends on a journey of self-discovery. Celebrate with the munchkins, dance with the Jitterbugs, and revel with the citizens of Emerald City as they all become a part of this incredible adventure… but WATCH OUT for flying monkeys!

Small Time Theatre brings the story to life like never before. Our young performers are dedicated to their roles and have spent endless afternoons rehearsing and practicing to bring you this special production.


66 cast members, grades 1 – 9


Seton Theatre
Brookfield Residential YMCA
4995 Market Street SE
Calgary, AB T3M 2P9

Original Performances Dates: March 12 – 14, 2020



Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to complete the remaining performances of The Wizard of Oz.

Our theatre company is young but we have come so far together due to the hard work and dedication of each theatre family and the support of generous patrons of the arts.  We want to thank you for the colourful memories we will treasure from what we did accomplish last season!  We recognize the disappointment we have all felt about how our theatre season ended, among the many other Covid-19 cancellations and postponements.  However, we want to applaud everyone who poured their hearts into this creative process.  We give you all a standing ovation!

Celebrating our successes with you looks very different this year and is of necessity more about finding the joy in the journey rather than the destination.  And what a valuable journey it was for our Small Time Theatre community!  Taking some time to discuss the incredible growth that occurred throughout the last theatre season may help to reframe this experience in our performer’s minds.  We are so proud of their courage (and the courage of our volunteers) to work hard, try new things, develop and share talents, create and collaborate with others, and support each other along the way.  We are so grateful to our audience members who were so looking forward to experiencing our show and supporting our cast and crew with their cheers and applause!